21. Mai 2024

Unlock Crypto Adoption: See the Top Startups at Paris Blockchain Week

• Paris Blockchain Week is a major event in Europe that showcases startups creating tools to boost crypto adoption.
• Web3 Antivirus and QuickNode are two of the most innovative startups at the event, offering security solutions and cloud development services respectively.
• Alyra is another startup aiming to teach users about blockchain technology and its potential.

Paris Blockchain Week

Paris Blockchain Week is a major blockchain conference held in Europe each year. It showcases some of the most innovative startups in the industry, working on use cases ranging from user security to developer tools. The industry is expected to continue its strong growth into 2023 despite volatility and macroeconomic risks.

Web3 Antivirus

Web3 Antivirus is a browser extension that scans incoming blockchain transactions for malicious code. It uses proprietary tools as well as third-party oracles to analyze incoming smart contracts for known malicious code. The goal is to ultimately build a comprehensive database and oracle network that would neutralize all blockchain malware, making crypto more secure and accessible for users.


QuickNode offers cloud-based hosting services for developers, enabling them to easily deploy decentralized applications on major blockchain networks without needing their own nodes. This makes it easier for developers looking to get started with building their own dApps or crypto projects.


Alyra is working on teaching new users about blockchain technology and its potential use cases with an emphasis on education and accessibility. With their platform, they aim to make it easier for people who are new to the space learn more about how they can benefit from cryptocurrency investments or develop their own projects using blockchain technology.


The growing demand for developers in the blockchain space has brought forth many promising startups at Paris Blockchain Week this year, bringing exciting innovations such as Web3 Antivirus, QuickNode and Alyra which aim to improve user security, simplify cloud development services, and educate new generations of users about the potential of blockchain technology respectively.