19. Juli 2024

Secure Mainnet Launch: Coinbase’s Base Focuses on Security

• Coinbase’s layer 2 network, Base, is preparing for its mainnet launch and is focusing on security.
• Base has released an article about its security-first approach, which involves open-source codebase and best practices from Coinbase.
• The team behind the network has conducted simulated exercises to test and enhance their response capabilities as well as engaging 100 protocol security researchers.

Coinbase’s Layer 2 Network: Base

Base is a fork of Optimism’s layer 2 ecosystem that will soon be launching on Ethereum mainnet. It takes advantage of Optimism’s standardized developer stack, offering an open-source codebase with increased security features.

Security Focus Ahead of Mainnet Launch

Prior to its mainnet launch, Base released an article discussing its security efforts. The team has conducted simulated exercises to test and enhance their response capabilities while also partnering with OP Labs for multiple audits of the protocol. In addition, they have engaged over 100 protocol security researchers via Code4rena who have found no security vulnerabilities or breaches yet. To further improve their resilience against potential attacks, Base is developing an open-source monitoring tool called Pessimism to detect any irregularities in account balances or contract events.

Combining Coinbase’s Best Practices

In order to ensure maximum safety for users of the network, Base combines Coinbase’s best practices with decentralized technology from Optimism’s open-source codebase. They are confident that this combination will make it easier to bring millions more developers and billions more users onto Ethereum blockchain without compromising on security standards.

Simulated Exercises

The team behind the network has held simulated exercises to test and improve their response capabilities in case of a large scale incident occurring in the future. This proactive approach allows them to identify potential weak spots before they become a problem for users down the line and enables them to respond quickly if something does go wrong in spite of all these precautions taken ahead of time.


Base is taking extra steps towards providing users with secure transactions through their layer 2 solution by combining best practices from Coinbase along with decentralized technology from Optimism’s open-source codebase. Furthermore, they have tested their system rigorously before launch by conducting simulated exercises and engaging over 100 protocol researchers through Code4rena who found no vulnerabilities yet – making sure that when the time comes for it to launch on Ethereum mainnet, it should be safe for use by everyone involved in blockchain transactions.