21. Mai 2024

Ripple CEO Urges US to Clarify Crypto Regulations

Summary of Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse’s Remarks

  • Ripple is focused on positive developments in the U.S.
  • Regulatory clarity is needed for success.
  • CEO Brad Garlinghouse has criticized the U.S. for its lack of progress.

Ripple’s Focus on Positive Developments

Ripple, a blockchain-based payments network, is focused on making positive developments in the United States. Its CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, has been vocal about this mission and has spoken out against the lack of progress being made by the US government in providing regulatory clarity to businesses working within this space.

The Need For Regulatory Clarity

Garlinghouse believes that without regulatory clarity, Ripple and other companies in this space will have difficulty achieving their goals. He also believes that there are a number of opportunities available to those willing to invest in developing new products and services within this sector if they can find a way to navigate through the current uncertainties surrounding regulation.

Garlinghouse Criticizes US for Lack of Progress

Garlinghouse has been critical of the US government for its failure to provide clear guidance and support for businesses operating within this space. He argues that innovation will not be able to flourish unless there is some certainty provided by regulators regarding how businesses should operate within existing laws and regulations. Without this certainty, he believes it will be difficult for companies like Ripple to reach their full potential.


The future success of Ripple depends heavily on finding ways to work with regulators and comply with existing laws while still innovating within the cryptocurrency sector. The company’s CEO has voiced his concerns over the lack of progress being made by US regulators in providing clarity around these issues and believes that without greater clarity there will be difficulties ahead for companies like Ripple looking to achieve their goals.