16. Juni 2024

Coinbase Apologizes to $PEPE Fans After Mass SEC Reports

• PEPE fans organized a boycott of Coinbase for labeling Pepe The Frog as a „hate symbol.“
• Coinbase issued an apology on Twitter due to the coordinated attack from the PEPE community.
• As result, the PEPE token has sunk 32% and dropped out of TOP 50 cryptocurrencies.

Coinbase Labels Pepe The Frog a Hate Symbol

The second largest American crypto exchange Coinbase is facing immense backlash from PEPE memecoin fans after they labeled Pepe The Frog a “hate symbol” that allegedly represents far-right extremist movements, linked to racist, sexist, and homophobic cults.

PEPE Fans Mass Report Coinbase to SEC

Naturally, this perspective infuriated $PEPE holders on Twitter who organized a coordinated attack against Brian Armstrong. After numerous verbal threats and intense cyberbullying of Coinbase’s CEO, the crypto exchange’s top lawyer came through with an honest apology to the active and ambitious community – however not without the help of mass reports on Coinbase to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Pepe’s Ultimatum: Delete Coinbase or List PEPE

This Friday, Crypto Twitter is marked with trending hashtags like #DELETECOINBASE, #LISTPEPE and #PEPEISLOVE as $PEPE holders demanded Coinbase’s CEO to list their memecoin. At press time, it trades at $0.00000129 according to CoinGecko with a market cap of $544 million which was cut in half since its Binance listing.

Coinbase Apologizes

After the flurry of memes portraying Brian Armstrong as a clown with a big red nose, Coinbase’s top lawyer issued an apology on Twitter in response to the massive outcry from $PEPE holders: “We are sorry for offending any communities by labeling Pepe The Frog as hate speech.“


Despite issuing an apology from its top lawyer, it remains uncertain whether or not Coinbase will list Pepe The Frog anytime soon – but one thing is certain; members of the $PEPE community have made their voices heard loud and clear!