16. Juni 2024

Black Rock-Inspired NFTs Take Off: Buy Now or Miss Out!

• An NFT inspired by pigeon poop was revealed in Paris Fashion Week, together with a Black Rocks NFT Throwables on OpenSea.
• The Black Rocks NFT Throwables is not associated with the multi-national investment company but sparked a bull run and social mentions for crypto.
• OpenSea’s stats reveal that the black rock-themed NFT collection peaked on July 22nd, 2023, when 68 sales were made.

An NFT Inspired by Pigeon Poop

At last week’s Paris Fashion Week, urban wear pioneer Jeff Staple and digital art collector Gmoney presented their “pigeon crap baseball hat.” This limited edition 9dcc x Stapleverse can be redeemed for an actual physical baseball hat via non-fungible token (NFT). Gmoney is also offering digital autographs using the Proof of Attendance Protocol.

Black Rocks Go Live On Sale On OpenSea

Not long after BlackRock declared they would be applying for the inaugural Bitcoin ETF, the fan-made Black Rocks went live on sale on OpenSea at a floor price of 0.23 Ethereum (ETH).

OpenSea’s Trading Volume Plunged By 23%

OpenSea’s monthly trading volume has dropped by 23%, showing how saturated the market is becoming with new NFTs being created every day.

Is The Saturated Market Inspiring Artists To Go Over The Top?

The proliferation of new innovative NFTs could be inspiring artists to go beyond what’s expected and create more outlandish concepts such as this pigeon excrement-based baseball hat. This could mean that more bizarre projects will begin to appear in order to stand out from the crowd.

NFT Boom Sparks Social Mentions For Crypto

The filing of spot ETF for Bitcoin has caused a considerable amount of interest in crypto which has been reflected in social media conversations about it. It remains to be seen what other strange projects might emerge as people explore all that can be done with this revolutionary technology.