16. Juni 2024

Bitcoin Flips Levels: Could a Bull Run Be On the Way?

• Bitcoin has been displaying a head-and-shoulders pattern, which could indicate a bearish trend.
• Currently, Bitcoin is trading at $29,100 and the pivotal points of support and resistance are generating keen interest among traders and investors alike.
• Crypto trading expert Michael van de Poppe remains cautiously optimistic about the future of Bitcoin and believes it could push to $30.5k if it can maintain the $28,900 level.

Bitcoin Price Analysis

Bitcoin has been displaying a head-and-shoulders pattern since March 17th, which could indicate a bearish trend. As of writing, Bitcoin is poised to regain some of its lost ground, currently trading at $29,100 with the potential to reach the $30,000 mark. However, the head-and-shoulders neckline rests at the $27,500 price level and if breached would likely trigger a decline to $23,200 – the 0.5 Fib retracement support level.

Key Targets

The third level of resistance at the Pivot Point is set at a significant $30,140 while the second level is a close $29,745. The first resistance point stands at $29,310 with main pivot point at an important juncture of $28,920. On the other hand; first support point rests at $28490 followed by second support point standing at $28095 with final support level being third pivot point marked as crucial marker resting on a value of 27660 .These markers are under scrutiny as market participants seek to navigate current market situation .

Community Sentiment

Crypto trading expert Michael van de Poppe shared his insights on current price movements noting that digital asset has been “constantly flipping levels and back in range” .Van de Poppe highlighted importance of cryptocurrency maintaining 28900$ mark for gaining momentum towards 30500$ besides acknowledging potential impact of news & employment rates on cryptocurrency market ,illustrating still considerable potential for bitcoin in coming future .

Technical Outlook

Analysts believe that maintaining 28900$ mark will be critical for further bullish momentum while next important target lies 30500$. With Head & Shoulder Pattern present ,there is risk of pullback towards 23200$ with breaching 27650$. Analysts advise caution while entering into positions due to volatility present in crypto markets .


In conclusion ,analysts remain cautiously optimistic regarding further bullish progress if certain technical levels are maintained or breached coupled with news developments influencing prices in either direction .Traders must remain vigilant in order to identify opportunities arising from current market situation for successful trades .